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PI Day!

2009-03-14 13:49:51 by MrManiacMan

Hey everybody, today is 3/14! Go eat some fucken' pie!
(Get it 3.14=PI! Today is 3/14... Oh, forget it...)

Yeah, I know it's not a big deal, but I just finally filled up all of my audio favorites! I pretty much just mindlessly started gathering up - instead of downloading, for I'm just that impatient - songs off of the NGAP, so it's not like I was going for this. In fact, I didn't even know that there was a cap on the number of favorites you could have, and just to let you know, the penultimate number is 499. If I actually filled up my favorite flash submissions list with every single flash submission I watch/have watched on a regular basis for the past five years I've been using NG - indeed, I know this account is not nearly as old as I have been on NG -, I would need at least five accounts; I kid you not. Anyway, feel free to carouse my lovely, filled favorites list; it has many different types of music including, obscured classics to familiar goodies. They are also not necessarily in a very neat order, I suggest that you start around the beginning, 200's, or mid 400's. Good luck to anyone who wishes to take the unprovoked challenge of listening to all of them! Trust me it takes hours, I should know.

I really don't know whether to be sad or happy about filling up my list, I really had only just begun...